East Coast Trip - Don & Linda
March 30 - April 9, 2013


This was a trip for the two of us to experience several things. 

First, .... Don's first born son, Aaron, and his lovely bride Lisa....belated wedding reception in eastern Ohio with Lisa's great family. 

Second, since we are going east from Texas to enjoy and meet this new and welcoming clan, Linda and I decided to explore parts of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington DC that Don has never seen. 

Linda was the guide since she has been to some of these historical sites before.

Day 1.....Easter Sunday in Pennsylvania
From San Antonio to Pittsburgh and driving to Niles, Ohio
then Barry Rd in Pennsylvania.  What a wonderful Easter!



The wonderful back yard of Lisa's Grandparents.

Easter Egg Hunt Video

Continuing Day 1 in Pittsburgh to Somerset, PA

These photos were made during a whirlwind trip through the Pittsburgh Conservatory before it closed. 

Feature Photo from Pittsburgh Conservatory.  Click Here for the big rendition. 

Feature Photo from Pittsburgh Conservatory.  Click Here for the big rendition. 


On the way to the Flight 93 Memorial

This row of pics is of the biggest auto salvage I have ever seen



The Flight 93 Memorial.


Gettysburg...no pictures except this one... sorry

The new visitors' center finished in 2008 is fantastic.

A trip through Amish Country

We took the authentic buggy ride.

Susquehanna River at Columbia, PA
The full size picture is Here... 

West Chester, PA and meeting Stan

Great friend, great visit.

A FB political friend Stan

Great food

Philadelphia - wonderful historic sites

The large picture of Independence Hall
Click Here

There is an story here.....



Fort McHenry.... large photo here

All the Home Runs...  Large here

Ft McHenry


Annapolis, MD



Washington DC


Our First of several experiences with the METRO

Smithsonian Natural History Museum..
(Don's favorite)

Jefferson Memorial


Amelia Exhibit

Jefferson cut an image....

For my friend Elaine.....

Lincoln Memorial

A patriotic contribution from....

The magnolias were magnificent.

Again...yes, the cherry blossoms were blooming but he magnolias were spectacular.

For the big picture...click here

Mt Vernon...much more quaint than I had thought.

Don's favorite exhibit in the Smithsonian

The Asian Orchid exhibit

The insect bank at the Smithsonian

The four guys on top were keeping watch...we guess

Washington DC Sunset

Arlington - Baseball Founder
WWI veteran

An actual tombstone.