Sint Maarten
June 6- 20, 2015
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Ocean Club

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Our usual yellow crested
night heron

Big hermit.  I should not
 have picked him up
Video of the damage.

Below OC landing

OC landing

Landing guards

Marjory and Linda

Linda's tropical Ikebana


This is our 13th trip which started in 2003.  We stay at the Ocean Club and own weeks 23/24 in 15D (studio).  The flights were different this year.  Going was a very early SAT to MIA flight rather than having to go through DFW.  MIA to SXM was the early flight of the day, so for the first time we arrived around 2 pm.  Usually we arrive late evening on Saturday. 

Return flight was a comfortable leave time on Delta to Atlanta at 2:41 and then ATL to SAT by 11pm.  First time ever we only had two legs, both ways.  We have always had three flights each way.  So much better!

The Ocean Club has never been in better shape.  Everything seems to be working, especially in our unit and the units of the other visitors.  There were not many folks checked in, but all were happy with the service and the maintenance.  All the storage and work areas have been cleaned and are spic and span.  Elvis, Julio, Val, Mildred, Sandra, Pearla, Noreen and Cheryl are all doing well.  Villa #1 has sold and Villa # 4 is for sale.  Villa # 2 is being auctioned off the last week of June.

The OC Wi-Fi works pretty well.  It is strong and only occasionally goes down with the others on the island.  I did not spend the money on a Scarlett modem this time and really did not need it.  The television cable is still short of channels, but there are other things to do (definitely!).

The Green Monkey Bar and Grill (Facebook Page) is doing well and attracts quite a few folks for breakfast.  We ate dinner there most of the time, because we want to support Sal staying open during this slow season.  Petra is still cooking along with her brother Donald and "Mr. C."  Sal has a co-owner Marjory and her husband, Tom, from Ft Worth.  Marjory is wonderful...we have not met Tom yet, as he is winding up work in Ft Worth.  Very glad to have them aboard.  Kathy from Canada is also part of the crew.  The Cupecoy Ocean Club beach is a bit short of sand right below the landing.  It is an effort to go around the rocks to the right to get to the bigger beach.  Dany's Cupecoy does not have much sand either except in front of Shore Pointe.  The little beaches are all rocks.  Dany (Facebook Page) is doing quite well with his parking access and beach bar.

The island is extremely dry.  The queen's crown vines on the fences are dried up, brown and dead.  The locust trees have lost a lot of leaves and the Flamboyant trees are sparse of blooms. The grass is brown on the mountain sides.  We received small showers a few times, but not nearly enough to rejuvenate the flora.  After we left, the island received quite a bit of rain...let's hope it happens again soon.

Traffic was pretty light and it did not take long to get around.  We rented a phone from Sharon and a new Nissan from Lesley.  Nice to meet Lesley's wife Shirley. 

The Blue Mall has a food court now that opens around 11.  It has brought a few more folks in.  Several of our friends went for the wings....but we did not try it yet.

We decided this year to stay near OC most of the time,  rather than to drive to other beaches.  It gave us much more time to relax, play dominoes, visit, enjoy the pool and read.






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Below OC at landing


OC landing and #4

Oasis of the Seas


OC Beach


Linda volunteered to
paint the bar stools


Our patio guard



15th Annual Steak Night at Ocean Club

Jo & Bob, Judy & Dan, Bill and May have been our good friends since we found them at OC years ago.  They always bring interesting people with them, including Debbie and Don this year. Bill has the steaks cut-to-order, big and thick!  Those little grills do an awesome job to produce juicy steak, sausage, chicken...  Together along with great side dishes, we share a terrific meal well as several days of wonderful left-overs!


Dan and Judy

Bill and May

Jo and Bob

Don and Deb

Scott and Patrick

Jim and Bryan




For the third year in a row Linda took off for an adventure in the 1911 sailing schooner - the Passaat.  The sunset sail was so great, that a group of friends aboard decided to return a few days later for another adventure with the lunch/afternoon snorkel sail and trip to La Samanna.

Around the Island

The new Bar Code Cafe

Bar Code Cafe

Bar Code Cafe

Cheryl and license plates

Orient Beach



Parking and Entrance next to
Ocean Club


Dany's Entrance

What is left of the Rock