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updated: 06/19/11

St Martin June 2011 Trip Report
June 3 - 17


(Pictures will expand)

View from OC 15D

Plenty of sand, but it started leaving after the easterly wave 6/15

Perfect cave dwelling

Our Unit

The Queen of Cupecoy

The Queen of Cupecoy

Another two weeks of fun at our favorite place.   First week was at our unit 15D in the Ocean Club and the second week at Unit 402 in the towers of the Rainbow Club. 

Flights  AA FF every year so far... San Antonio - DFW-MIA-SXM.  Luckily, we found both flights that started after 8:00 AM and returned before 8 PM without a forced layover in MIA. 

We start checking AA at midnight on the 330th day before we want to book for the next year.... "one way" ticket is kinda fun to book.  Then back on-line 14 days or so after that to book the flight back.  Most Saturday flights are not available for FF so we settle for Friday's and pay for a room the extra night.  Both flights for two for total of 70,000 FF points.

The Ocean Club has changed very little.  Renovations are supposed to be made soon.  Elvis and others were putting together wooden palapas to use around the pool.  Those should be nice.  The OceanView apartments were closed for repairs.  Only 4 or 5 pool units were occupied, mostly by our regular OC friends.  Major repairs were being done on Unit 17.  Beach Villas 5 and 6 were occupied.    The penthouse between the Grill and unit 10 is being totally redone by the private owner.  

We noticed for the first time in our experience, the OC villas (pool) (RCI#2899) are being put on RCI Last Call.  We will definitely be looking at it 40-45 days out next April-May for our June 2012 trip.

Our biggest OC disappointment again this year is that the Oasis Bar and Grill is not open during the summer months.  One of the main reasons we purchased at OC was the fun times at the bar when Bert and Jill were running it.  We realize that it is the slow season, but we thought there was going to be a better commitment to keeping it open during June.  It was.... and now it isn't... and we really miss it.  Jayne says we come at the wrong time, but that is because they want to go back to Canada and make money during the high season there.  We think that there could be a way to keep the party and the grill going, at least on a limited basis.  Three hours a few evenings per week with limited drinks, snacks and music would go a long way making it what it used to be.

Good News is that the Sapphire Bar next door is really coming alive with music almost every night and a good happy hour from 5-7.   We are looking forward to frequent visits to The Sapphire Bar next year if this level of entertainment continues.  The little Sapphire store is practically empty of merchandise now.  The gentleman who was running it is ill and off the island.  Two wonderful ladies are trying to keep it going. 

OC landing

OC landing

beach by OC

Sapphire from OC

Cupecoy beach by OC

Alligator Rock on Cupecoy

Rainbow Tower Unit 402



 June 11-17.  Rented from Bob Barron here.   Nice unit on the top of the RB towers.  Hot tub did work, but start it heating about two hours early.  Not private area...adjoining units have views of the outdoor showers and hot tubs...virtually every part of the penthouse deck.  Inside stairway to rooftop via narrow short-step stairs.  Gas grill and two beach chairs provided.
Interior is nice.  Huge granite breakfast bar.  Plenty of kitchen appliances.  Dishwasher did not work, but only tried to use it once on the last night.  Bob replaced the coffee maker right away when it did not work the first morning.  Beds were very comfortable.  The bathroom counter space was very limited.  The washer/dryer worked, although quite noisy.  The air-conditioner had to be kept on 25C or higher or else it might freeze, but it was cool enough to be comfortable. Very nice freezer/refrigerator w/icemaker.  There were quite a few leftovers we enjoyed including  beer/wine/food products.

Bob also included a GSM phone to use. Nice touch.  There is free WI-FI in the unit with the router placed at the front door.  You have to be in sight of the router anywhere down the hall or in the front bedroom to get reception. 

For the Rainbow in general, there are some construction and maintenance issues (like with all condo resorts).  The whole resort needs repainting.  The wiring on the penthouse decks need conduit dressings rather than raw holes in the walls. The tennis courts need resurfacing.  The pools are in good shape.  One of the two tower elevators was not working.  The penthouse decks need privacy screening, but this seems to be left to the individual unit owners. 


Rain Event:

 June 8, Tuesday from about noon until 2 PM.   The skies opened up and it really rained.  Rained most of the day Wednesday as well and it was a wet TTOL party at Brother Jimmy's in Maho.  We did not take many pictures at the party, but Deb and Linda (Jazzgal) did and will post them later.


Around the Island:

Porto Coupecoy

Porto Coupecoy seems to be totally constructed.  The Marche store is convenient, but limited in selection.  The prices might be a bit more, but when you need rum in a hurry, who cares?

Be Careful speeding thru Terra Basse


Other Scenes

The Blue Mall is supposed to be finished in October. 

Interesting car wash in Sandy Ground

Plenty of junk cars along road in Grand Case

Maho Beach

Rougher day on Cupecoy after the easterly wave


Cole Bay

Marigot Marina and our annual lunch at Tropicana

These looked like fun....

Other Scenes

Annual Cookout Night with Friends


Every year, we enjoy a great meal at unit 10 of the Ocean Club.  Bill gets the meat and everyone else brings the other dishes.  The drinks, conversation, and laughter flow freely.  Elvis finds us a grill from somewhere, and we have a party.

An evening or two at Sunset Beach Bar


Jo-Jo  of Jo-Jo & James taking a photo break from playing the music.

Got to include some pictures of my wonderful, fun mate...

Annual Train Domino Tournament...


If anyone honestly thinks that I (Don) have a prayer of winning this.....


Traffic Simpson Bay from airport through the T to Cole Bay and up the hill gets and stays slow from about 10:30 on.  The best way around the island is through the lowlands and Marigot.   If you need to go to Phillipsburg, go early!
Crime Saw none nor saw anything that worried us.  There were police on the French side in the Marigot marina market area pulling over traffic twice and inspecting papers on the harbor road from the cemetery to the market.  Plenty of guards in Maho. 
Improvements The Mullet Bay Resort eyesore is being demolished finally.  They started in the area near Maho towards Aquamarina Resort.  Paulo of Murano Glass (Marigot harbor) told us that there is an effort going on to transplant the iguana population who live in the Mullet Resort area.
Money Took about $1200 in small bills.  Glad we did since the credit card machines in numerous businesses were not working. 
Meals Orange Fever at Orient Beach was good.  Sugar Cane Cafe in the Atlantis Casino was so-so.  Tropicana at the Marigot harbor was fabulous as usual. 
We cook most of our own meals so we know what we are eating. We cooked at the room even moreso this year.  The Garden Market in Simpson Bay at Billy Folly Rd has a hot cafeteria self serve bar that is great, if you fight the traffic to get there.
Internet Rented the Scarlet modem the first week ($55) and it worked great in the OC unit 15D.  Took my Linksys router and it worked great with the modem.  The OC also now has a wireless router around the pool and office which works intermittently.  Used Sprint Evo on wi-fi mode and the Skype app for phone calls and for monitoring house alarm system.